Himalayan Momo


Minced chicken, pork or vegetable wrapped in flour dough and steamed. Served with chutney sauce made of sesame, chili and tomato.   $6.99



Minced Lamb or Vegetable wrapped in thin layer of flour and fried crisp. Served with mint sauce.   $6.99



Little Nepal special cubes of flavorful tandoori chicken, lamb or pork marinated in olive oil, mixed with fresh garlic and giner. Served with tradional puffed rice.   $7.99

Kukhurako Butan

Kukhurako Butan

Crisp fried cubes of chicken with bell pepper, onion, giner and garlic.   $6.99

Lentil Soup

Sabjiko Jhol

Fresh tomato or lentil soup cooked with himalayan spices.   $6.99

Chicken Soup

Kukhurako Jhol

Chicken soup cooked with fresh tomato, garlic, giner and himalayan spices.   $6.99

Mixed Vegi Fries

Mismas Pakauda

Spinach and onion mixed with spices and crisp fried. Served with mint sauce.   $6.99

Himalayan House Salad

Himalayan Salad

Arugula, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, frisée lollorosa radicchio. Served with home made vinaigrette dressing.   $6.99